Over the last several decades, we are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of behavioral health therapy. Additionally, we are discovering many new types of programs for people who are seeking therapy. Behavioral health clients may now benefit from other programs such as nutrition, exercise, and art therapy. The newest of these treatments is music therapy for addiction treatment. At our residential treatment program at Ethan Crossing Recovery, we want patients to have all the information they need to make the best possible treatment decisions.

What Happens In Music Therapy At A Recovery Center?

people at a music therapy program in Springfield OH

There is a lot of variety in different music therapy programs. Music therapy is meant not just for personal listening enjoyment. It is also meant to help you process your emotions through active participation. This music participation aspect may take the following forms:

  • Analysis of lyrics
  • Elementary songwriting
  • Musical emotion analysis
  • Engaging musical games
  • Improvisation
  • Immersion and movement in music

Music therapy can be very helpful both in an individual therapy program and a group therapy program. Many patients enjoy personal musical expression within a peer group, while others may prefer a more private approach. Music therapy is a highly customizable field, so it is easy for a patient to find a format that works for them.

Treatment Options For Substance Abuse in Ohio

Here at Ethan Crossing Recovery, we believe that we have the best music therapy program in Ohio. Our quality music therapy program strongly complements our many other services, which include the following:

What are the Advantages of Music Therapy for Addiction?

Patients can achieve many emotional and mental benefits by simply listening to music. Music is a powerful force that can relax, heal, or inspire us to act. Determining what music positively affects patients is one of the main goals of music therapy. Patients who are struggling with challenging life issues may benefit significantly from the distraction that music therapy provides. Musical expression can be an effective way to sort through difficult emotions and ultimately improve the emotional state.

Many patients dealing with destructive life patterns may have difficulty relaxing. Therefore, if you have an uptight emotional and physical state during your therapy, this may be counterproductive to your progress. Either listening to music or actively engaging in a musical production can help to calm a troubled mind and soul. Musical expression can also be a tool for engaging socially with others, especially friends and family. Making music together can be an excellent way to create new positive interactions and meaningful memories.

What Can You Get Out Of Music Therapy At Our Treatment Center?

Anyone can benefit from music therapy for addiction, so you do not have to have any musical abilities to participate. The goal is not to give a perfect performance. Rather, the goal is to form a connection and promote healing within. Those with substance abuse issues find music therapy very useful. Many people use music as a positive coping mechanism. Effective music therapy can often train an individual to substitute specific music for the desired drug high. Researchers continue to find more ways to use music in overcoming harmful, recurring life patterns.

Need A Therapy Program in Ohio?

At Ethan Crossing Recovery, our welcoming staff will work to craft a recovery program so you can succeed. We have many helpful therapies that can assist you in your time of need. These range from anxiety and depression to substance abuse. If you have never considered the idea of music therapy for addiction treatment, we hope that you will reach out to us here at Ethan Crossing Recovery. We specialize in adults and seniors. Additionally, we utilize a holistic approach to body and mind wellness. If you want to take your first step today, schedule a tour and see for yourself. Give us a call at 833-691-0736. We look forward to hearing from you!