Do you have a loved one who does not think he or she needs to stop using drugs or alcohol? You may not have the motivation to turn the page on your health. If this is the way you feel, there is help available. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment therapy programs. These include a motivational interviewing program designed to help you move beyond those ambivalent feelings.

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

motivational interviewing at a recovery center in ohioSome people believe remaining sober is not realistic or that they do not need to stop using drugs. Some may not feel they are ready to face a life without their substance of choice. Deep down, most people feeling this way know that the drug is damaging if not ruining their lives. Still, there is something that limits them from getting help. With the motivational interviewing program at Ethan Crossing Recovery, it is possible to build motivation towards seeking treatment.

This unique approach does not involve the cause of addiction. It does not aim to resolve substance abuse by talking about the health aspects of addiction. Instead, the focus is on addressing the ambivalent feelings a person has about getting treatment and help.

Motivational Interviewing At Our Recovery Center

Ethan Crossing will provide a full exam to create an individual treatment plan for you. Treatment may include detox if you have significant withdrawal symptoms. We also offer residential treatment programs and intensive outpatient treatment programs to those who need them. Once you begin treatment, you will gain access to our location’s many amenities and features. You will also have the opportunity to work through a range of evidence-based treatment plans.

Therapies include cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step program, and dialectical behavior therapy. We also offer holistic treatment such as music therapy, fitness programs, and yoga. Taking that first step towards healing can open the door for new opportunities.

Signs You Need Motivational Interviewing At A Recovery Center

You or your loved one may find that a motivational interviewing program is right for you in several cases:

  • If you recognize that alcohol or drugs are bad for you.
  • If you understand that drugs can be life-threatening.
  • There is a part of you that wants to keep using.
  • There is another part of you that wishes you did not start.
  • You want to stop, but not enough to quit outright.

Within this type of substance abuse treatment program, our counselors work with you to address your drug and alcohol use. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, this is a component of the comprehensive treatment we offer. Generally, four key assumptions stem from this program:

  • The uncertainty that you may be feeling is a regular obstacle on the recovery journey.
  • You have the natural motivations within you to help you overcome these feelings.
  • A collaborative partnership between you and your counselor is necessary.
  • For a change to occur, there needs to be an empathetic but supportive and directive counseling plan in place.

When you come in for an interview, we will talk to you about our motivational interviewing program. You do not need to do any prep work or be ready to change yet. Come in to see our team to learn if this is the right approach for you.

Find The Care You Need At Our Treatment Center in Ohio

If you are considering the right type of treatment for your needs, turn to Ethan Crossing. Our team can help you find the best kind of help for your addiction recovery. Learn more about our motivational interviewing program and what it can do to support your healing. Call us at 833-691-0736 to learn more.