woman wondering is depression hereditary

Is Depression Hereditary?

Maybe your mother was diagnosed with depression, or you remember stories about your grandparents struggling with their mental health. You might have wondered what’s next for you. Is depression hereditary and, therefore, something you should be worried about? In all situations, if you believe you are struggling, Ethan Crossing’s depression treatment program in OH can…

people celebrating sober halloween

How To Have A Sober Halloween

Maybe this Halloween, you’ve made a commitment to be sober. That’s something to celebrate in itself. For men and women in recovery, sober holidays can seem impossible to enjoy. It can be difficult to maintain sobriety when so many people around you will be drinking. What should you do? With these tips for celebrating sober…

woman at an addiction treatment center

What Should You Be Looking For In An Addiction Treatment Center?

If you’ve spent any time at all searching for an addiction treatment center or an addiction rehab facility, you will soon realize that not all addiction treatment centers are alike. Some addiction treatment centers are better than others. For example, Ethan Crossing Recovery is noted for being one of the best addiction rehab facilities available.…

woman wondering do i have an addictive personality

Do You Have An Addictive Personality Trait?

People with an addictive personality are more prone to develop addictions than those who do not have an addictive personality. Many people are able to enjoy some of the vices in life such as gambling occasionally or drinking alcohol in a social setting. However, if a person has addictive personality traits, they may more easily…

girl thinking about the top gateway drugs

5 Top Gateway Drugs

If you are a parent in today’s world, one of your biggest concerns is seeing your child develop a drug addiction. While certainly not every child heads down this path, there are unfortunately many options today that make this possible. For many kids, starting the use of one drug or other substance, known as a…

woman wondering what is polysubstance abuse

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

Many people know the dangers of combining drugs and alcohol. Yet, many people do not know that addiction can happen often both with prescription and illicit drugs. What is polysubstance abuse? Could you have an addiction to more than one substance? For those who are using more than one drug, our team at Ethan Crossing…