woman who has a loved one with depression

Helping Your Loved One With Depression Find Treatment

It’s difficult to experience depression, but it’s heartbreaking to watch a loved one struggle with this serious disorder. Consequently, if you have a loved one with depression, encourage them to reach out today for treatment at a mental health treatment program. What Is Depression? Major Depressive Disorder is a mental illness that affects more than 16 million American…

people learning benefits of quitting drinking

The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

In 2018, over 88,000 people in the US died from alcohol-related causes, and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates it contributes to 200 or more illnesses. It is easy to think about how alcohol makes you feel or why you like to drink, but what about when you stop? What are the benefits of quitting drinking?…

group at a womens rehab center

Women’s Rehab Center

Do you struggle with drug use or substance use? Do you need a drink to get the thoughts of anxiety out of your mind? If so, you are not alone. You may have many circumstances working against you, but you can beat them by turning to our women’s rehab program. Our gender-specific rehab programs are…

group at a mens rehab center

Men’s Rehab Center

For those who are struggling with addiction or mental health disorders, every day seems to be a challenge. Everyone seems to think they know what is best for you. Stress, fear, and pain are a part of your normal day. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we provide a complete men’s rehab program that is designed to…

man suffering from alcohol addiction and depression

Understanding the Link Between Depression and Alcohol

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol and also battling depression, you are definitely not alone in your worries. A lot of people have a connection in their lives between depression and alcohol, and they are not sure how to break the link so they can get better and healthier. But at Ethan…