woman showing triggers of an anxiety attack

What Are the Triggers of an Anxiety Attack?

When you are facing anxiety, it is important to consider what certain triggers you are being exposed to during an anxiety attack. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same kinds of triggers. Some people might panic over something that another person wouldn’t be bothered by at all. But at our mental health treatment program at Ethan Crossing…

man wondering do i need alcohol treatment

Do I Need Alcohol Treatment?

Maybe you enjoy a few good drinks. Or, you enjoy spending some time with friends after work. However, if your friends are telling you that you have a drinking problem, you may be wondering if you need alcohol treatment. This is a question that many people ask themselves. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we are here…

woman thinking about the different types of mental illness

Types of Mental Illness

What is mental illness? The Mayo Clinic defines mental illness as a “disorder that affects mood, thinking, and behavior.” Generally speaking, all people struggle with different variations in these three aspects on occasion. However, you may have a mental illness if your symptoms continue, repeat themselves frequently, cause stress, and impact your ability to function…

person looking out wondering about substance abuse statistics

Substance Abuse Statistics

Alcohol kills more people every year than car crashes, drownings, or accidents. It is the third-leading cause of preventable death in America, coming in behind only smoking and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. This is only one of many startling substance abuse statistics that everyone should know. The more you know about addiction, the easier it…