symptoms of heroin withdrawal

Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin dependence leads to intense withdrawal symptoms when a person stops using it. Heroin withdrawal is a key reason why people cannot stop using the drug and typically relapse within a few days of trying to stop. However, in a heroin detox center, those symptoms are better controlled, creating a way out for many using…

how will you benefit from detox

How Will You Benefit from Medical Detox?

Detoxing from drug and alcohol addiction requires a safe, comfortable place where proper care is provided. There are risks to the detox process, including discomfort and mental health strain. Those risks improve in a medical detox center, creating an opportunity for you to safely overcome your addiction. At Ethan Crossing in Ohio, we’ll help you…

men's rehab program

Can You Benefit from a Men’s Rehab Program?

When it comes to addiction treatment, men have different needs in recovery compared to women. They also fall into substance use for different reasons than women might. Offering men a customized program to meet their needs can help them to embrace recovery. Our men’s addiction treatment program at Ethan Crossing Recovery uses science-backed therapies, holistic…

cognitive behavioral therapy near me

Where Can I Find Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Near Me?

If you’re searching for help for addiction or co-occurring mental health issues, you might have come across cognitive-behavioral therapy. This evidence-based approach to addiction treatment is used to help those in recovery make lasting changes in their lives. Whether you’re looking into cognitive-behavioral therapy for yourself or a loved one, finding a center near you…