residential treatment center for schizophrenia

Finding a Residential Treatment Center for Schizophrenia

Having access to a residential treatment center for schizophrenia can make a critical difference. This mental health condition is treatable, and many individuals who struggle with schizophrenia benefit from inpatient care. In an addiction treatment center, you can step away from daily life and focus solely on your condition and steps to cope with it.…

mental health treatment in springfield ohio

How to Improve Your Mental Health in Springfield, Ohio

How do you achieve long-lasting sobriety and health? Mental health issues like anxiety or depression can contribute to substance abuse. Some individuals turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with mental health concerns, which can create a dangerous cycle of abuse. Taking care of your mental health can help you maintain sobriety and avoid relapse…

rehab centers near columbus ohio

Your Guide to Finding Rehab Centers near Columbus, Ohio

Drug addiction is debilitating. It can damage relationships, impact your health, and lead to mental health challenges. However, through treatment, it’s possible to rebuild your life. Our residential rehab center near Columbus, Ohio, can offer the support you need. Ethan Crossing is one of the best starting points for many who are battling addiction. What…

php rehab

Is PHP Rehab Right for You?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a type of intensive outpatient treatment program for drug addiction. Instead of staying in a residential treatment center, individuals participating in this program can receive care for numerous hours a day, numerous days a week, and then go home to family at night. At Ethan Crossing, our rehab center…

opioid detox at a rehab center

How Do You Know If You Need Opioid Detox?

Substance abuse and addiction are among the biggest problems facing modern society today. Therefore, if you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, understand there are plenty of people who find themselves in the same situation, and you can access compassionate care from a high-quality treatment center. Before beginning an addiction treatment program,…

substance abuse and addiction at a rehab center

What Is The Difference Between Substance Abuse And Addiction?

Substance abuse and addiction are both serious issues, but their definitions are not interchangeable. However, if you or a loved one struggles with drinking or using drugs in an unhealthy way, a targeted addiction treatment program can help you heal. Discover the difference between these two terms and reach out for help today to begin the…

ohio detox center

What to Look For in an Ohio Detox Center

Making the decision to enter into an Ohio drug detox center can be exciting. You have the opportunity to make a fresh start coupled with a major upheaval. Detox centers can be extremely beneficial to getting out of the clutches of an addictive substance, offering relaxing settings, highly trained staff, and immediate access to medical…

men's addiction treatment at a rehab center

Your Best Options for Men’s Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Seeking help for an addiction or substance abuse disorder is a difficult, necessary, and courageous first step for men. There are a variety of addiction treatment programs available, so finding the right men’s rehab program is important. Why Gender-Specific Treatment? Men and women have different needs in treatment, which is in part due to the…