drug use and drug abuse

Drug Use Vs. Drug Abuse

Do you have a drug addiction? If you are just using drugs, does that mean you have an addiction to them? Drug use and drug abuse are two different things. It’s important to know that, aside from prescription medications, there is no safe amount of drugs you can use and not be at risk for…

man learning dangerous drinking information

What Is Dangerous Drinking?

Dangerous drinking information can be hard to understand. When is it okay to drink alcohol? How much is safe? It’s important to know that there is no magic number of drinks or amount of alcohol you can consume that is considered safe. Alcoholism can impact people of all ages with all types and amounts of…

pills showing are you addicted to pain medication

Are You Addicted To Pain Meds?

Pain medications become important in many situations. They can help in acute situations, such as after an injury or surgery. Using them over time can be problematic, though, because pain medication addiction can occur even if you follow all of the rules. That’s why there are times when you need to reach out for help.…

what are opioids

What Are Opioids?

The first known use of opioids was back in 3400 BC when individuals cultivated opium poppies for their sedative properties. It quickly spread from Southwest Asia to Egypt and was referred to as the “joy plant.” There was no way of knowing way back then that this flower would be the source of what has…