woman talking about relapse prevention strategies

Relapse Prevention Strategies

If you’ve been unsuccessful at gaining control over your drug or alcohol problem, consider seeking professional rehab treatment at a residential treatment program. A combination of detox, counseling, and customized care can help you put a permanent end to your addiction. Along the way, you’ll also learn helpful relapse prevention strategies for resisting urges and…

woman thinking about signs of stress

Signs of Stress

Stress. It’s a six-letter word that can mean trouble. Chronic stress makes life less enjoyable and opens you to other problems down the road, including substance abuse. But what are the signs of stress? Ethan Crossing Recovery is here to provide you with mental health treatment programs to help you deal with stress and more.…

man thinking about adderall abuse symptoms

Adderall Abuse Symptoms

Adderall is a legitimate medication that helps people who struggle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Over the years, though, people who don’t have ADHD have found ways to abuse this drug. Below is more information about Adderall abuse symptoms. First, it’s important for people to know the dangers of abusing this drug before it’s…