Mental health is an increasingly broad and complex subject. As science discovers more about mental disorders, we are better understanding the need for residential treatment programs. In order for us to maintain optimal mental health, we must take care of the whole person. Individuals who are struggling with mental health or behavioral issues may benefit significantly from a mental health treatment program in Springfield, OH. Read on to learn more about our inpatient and outpatient programs at Ethan Crossing Recovery and learn why mental health is so important.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Program

patient getting treatment from a mental health treatment program in Springfield OHDifferent levels of behavioral and mental issues require different levels of treatment. The following are the most common types of treatment programs:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP): These programs provide care and accountability without significant disruption to a patient’s daily life. Patients may come in for onsite therapy several times per week and return home after.
  • Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs (PHP): PHP programs provide increased help to those who need more time to deal with personal issues. PHP patients sleep at home but spend hours during the day participating in onsite therapies and activities.

At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we provide 24/7 inpatient programs for those guests who need constant intervention and monitoring. Additionally, those that constitute a danger to themselves should enroll in round-the-clock care. Our mental health facility will assess each potential patient carefully. Afterward, our staff determines which of these programs will yield the best results for you and your treatment.

Why Is Mental Health Treatment So Important?

Accountability is a huge factor in maintaining sound mental health. Patients are often not able to recognize mental struggles for what they are. It is challenging to completely self-manage a mental health issue. Having our professional staff monitor your wellbeing and offer encouragement during your treatment is critical. Expertise is also a great benefit of enrolling at a mental health treatment center in Springfield, OH. Our expert caregivers can closely and regularly monitor a patient’s mood and emotions to check for any distress. Working with a licensed medical or psychiatric professional increases the likelihood that a patient will maintain good behavior patterns after they complete their program.

Lastly, the community can be an effective force for mental improvement. Often those battling depression and other similar disorders feel isolated. Realizing that many other people struggle with the same issues and watching them get healthy can inspire and motivate patients. The best possibility of improvement comes not just with medical and psychiatric support, but also with reliable peer support. A depression treatment program in Springfield, OH, or an anxiety treatment program can have a huge effect on your health and well-being.

Services Offered

Effective mental health care focuses on the wellbeing of the entire person. A mental health treatment program in Springfield, OH, may include a wide array of effective therapies, including the following offerings:

Additionally, at Ethan Crossing Recovery, we also allow you to participate in other activities such as nutrition counseling, music therapy, art therapy, exercise therapy, and more.

Where Can I Find a Mental Health Treatment Program in Springfield, OH?

We know that when looking for mental health assistance, there are many options to consider. Here at Ethan Crossing Recovery, our guests believe that we have the best mental health treatment center in Springfield, OH. Our compassionate staff realizes how difficult it can be for a patient to work through mental health issues. We meet you where you are and support your journey towards recovery through personalized short and long-term goals. In addition to quality staff, we also have a beautiful state-of-the-art facility where you can progress in comfort and ease. If you would like to know more about our mental health treatment program in Springfield, OH, give us a call today at 833.691.0736.