Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most complex mental health disorders. It is hard to live with the thoughts of what you saw or experienced. It is not easy to feel comfortable and confident when you are often stunned with images from your past. Yet, there is help. Our PTSD treatment program at Ethan Crossing Recovery can provide you with exceptional care and the support you need to gain more control over your thoughts. If you are struggling with PTSD or any other mental health illness, seek help from a mental health treatment program so you do not suffer in silence.

How Holistic Care At A Recovery Center Helps With PTSD

PTSD treatment program at a recovery center in ohioWhen you come in for care at our mental health treatment center, our team of professionals will provide you with a full assessment to determine what is happening and the care you will need. The goal of this type of care is not to make you relive what you witnessed, but to learn how to disassociate what you experienced with the people, places, and experiences around you. There are many components to this type of care. Our mental health disorder treatment is always designed to be effective, comfortable, and reassuring. It may include care such as our:

Once you are in care, we can provide a wide range of tools to help you through recovery. This includes helping you to gain stability through the use of medication, if possible. You will work with an individual therapy program and a group therapy program to understand what is happening and why. We offer a range of treatment therapies to help provide you with holistic treatment, including:

Our PTSD treatment program is always designed to meet your individual needs. That is why we offer a comfortable place to talk to you and offer comprehensive wellness services to support the healing process. What happened to you may not have been your fault – you could do nothing about it. But, right now, you have the ability to reclaim your life with our PTSD treatment program in Ohio.

Who Needs PTSD Mental Health Services?

PTSD is a somewhat common mental health disorder. It occurs when a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic event that changes their brain chemistry so much so that it leaves a lasting impression. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs notes that 8 million U.S. adults have PTSD annually, and about 10 percent will develop it at some point in their lifetime. It does not just happen to veterans. While wartime experiences can be a very common cause of PTSD, there are many other potential causes. Watching a loved one die or become injured is one. Feeling physical, emotional, or mental abuse, especially while younger, is another type. In these situations, the thoughts and experiences you had may feel like they will not go away. That is where our PTSD treatment program and dual diagnosis treatment center programs in Ohio can help you recover and get to the root of your PTSD symptoms.

Find Peace of Mind At Our Treatment Center

Our comprehensive PTSD treatment program at Ethan Crossing Recovery is designed to empower you. Our treatment programs offer a wide range of tools, resources, and innovative solutions designed to support your recovery. You can live the life you want and manage your mental health at the same time. To learn more about treatment options, call Ethan Crossing Recovery at 833-691-0736 today.