Substance abuse treatment has previously focused on men’s issues. While men still experience the most overdose deaths, women make up a significant part of the substance-abusing population as well. A women’s residential treatment program provides unique advantages that you should consider. If you are looking for rehab, think about our women’s rehab center program at Ethan Crossing Recovery in Ohio.

women's rehab program at a recovery center in ohio

Advantages Of Women’s Therapy At A Rehab Center

Not surprisingly, women experience life in general differently than men. Therefore, women experience rehab differently than men. It is important to choose a women’s rehab center or a men’s rehab program that will focus specifically on your needs in order to give you the best care and the best chance for recovery. The benefits of choosing a women’s rehab center program in Ohio, include the following:


Some women are more comfortable talking about topics that are sensitive, traumatic, and meaningful with other women. Other women are more likely to have experience with similar or the same personal issues. Therefore, you might feel more comfortable opening up when you are around other women.

Trauma Therapy

Women are more likely to have experienced trauma, such as sexual assault and domestic abuse. Much of this violence is gendered, which makes opening up in mixed-gender spaces uncomfortable. Group sessions limited only to women make it easier to focus more closely on these topics if necessary. A women’s treatment center provides women with a comfortable space to talk about difficult topics and have other women listen to them and provide their own experiences as well. Ethan Crossing Recovery also provides women with the chance to experience individual therapy programs as well as group therapy programs.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Of course, both women and men struggle with substance use disorder and mental health conditions and need mental health treatment programs. However, some mental health disorders seem to affect women more than they do men. A women’s rehab center program allows for more focus on the specialized dual diagnosis treatment program you need.

Women-Focused Topics

Topics such as eating disorders, parenting, self-esteem, and body image affect both men and women. However, in general, women do still perform the bulk of the parenting duties. Additionally, society presents different ideas regarding body image for women. Men have trouble empathizing with these gendered social struggles. This is why it is important for women’s rehab centers to allow women a space to discuss women-focused topics.


Women’s only spaces create a sense of camaraderie that cannot be found in mixed-gender spaces. Living in a single-gender environment can help you build the bonds that can assist you during your recovery.

Finding The Right Treatment Center For Women

There is no single women’s rehab center program that is right for every woman out there. However, there are certain hallmarks of a good rehab program that you can look for. Choosing a treatment program that offers the following helps set you up for success during your recovery:

Comprehensive Care

A comprehensive approach to care means you can enter the facility for detox and stay throughout your recovery. You will get to know the staff and they will be able to provide you with a continuum of care.

Therapeutic Options

The best women’s rehab center programs have a variety of therapeutic options. These include:

Home-Like Environment

In your home, rooms are split up by their purposes. A women’s rehab center program in Springfield, OH is similarly divided. A game room and lounge area allow for relaxation and decompressing from rehab. Calm rooms provide welcome respite when life in rehab becomes too overwhelming.

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